We Specialize In...

Insurance Defense

The attorneys at RizzoDay are experts in representing insurance companies and defending those they insure. Our Insurance Defense attorneys bring a wealth of industry specific experience, knowledge, and practical insight to every insurance dispute. We have an in-depth understanding of the insurance defense industry and a strong track record of getting results for our clients. In particular, we specialize in assisting insurance companies by conducting examinations under oath and defending against property and personal injury claims where there is no coverage, or where coverage has been denied.

Appellate Law

Our experienced litigators have over 70 years combined trial experience and understand the nuance needed for an appellate court case. When the trial courts have erred in judgement, we do not stop working. Our appellate lawyers have devoted their professional lives to understanding the appeal process and the strategies that result in a win for our clients. As a result of such dedication, RizzoBryan appellate lawyers have had substantial success at both the intermediate appellate courts and the Supreme Court. Whether you’re an individual looking to appeal an unfavorable judgement or a litigator looking for additional expertise, RizzoBryan provides consultative litigation counsel.

General Litigation

Our experienced litigators handle a broad range of civil disputes. Whether your dispute is between an individual or a business, RizzoBryan attorneys are ready to litigate your case with expertise. Resolving a dispute in court has unique benefits and costs specific to your unique case. As a result, we work with all of our clients to provide a comprehensive legal strategy tailored to their needs that may include settlement or mediation options prior to heading to court.